Breaking is the haunting novel parents need to read this October 4 days ago

Breaking is the haunting novel parents need to read this October

Breaking is the one book you need to read in October.

Met Éireann has warned us that the colder weather is heading towards Ireland which means we're entering hibernation mode. It's time to grab the cozy blankets, make a giant cup of tea and finally tackle that mountain of books you've been promising to read.

If you're in a bit of a reading rut then fear not because I've got the perfect book for you.

Irish journalist and author Amanda Cassidy is releasing her first novel in October and you need to buy a copy.

Cassidy has penned a gripping, emotional “mummy noir” that is bound to be a best-seller.

But what is Breaking about?

Breaking is the story of Dr. Mirren Fitzpatrick, an Irish mother, and oncologist who is on holidays in the Florida keys with her husband and two daughters.


She’s drinking in a bar at the time when her youngest daughter goes missing. The media turns on her and when she’s caught in a lie, suspicion immediately falls on her as having something to do with it.

It’s about family relationships, intergenerational trauma, and the expectations placed on modern mothers.

The book leaves us asking: How far would we go for our children?

Breaking tells the story of every parent's worst nightmare and it's bound to be a big hit.

Breaking by Amanda Cassidy is out on October 6th.