Here's where will be most affected by the Beast from the East 3 10 months ago

Here's where will be most affected by the Beast from the East 3

The first time around, it was a novelty.

The second time, we were all a little fed up.

This time, it's fair to say no-one wants to see snow.

Like bad movies, bad weather seems to have multiple sequels and this week we learned that we can expect a Beast from the East 3 this Easter.

The British Met Office has forecast a return cold weather towards the end of the month, with widespread snow on Easter Sunday across the UK.

Ireland is also likely to get some snow towards the end of next week, according to Harm Luijkx of Met Éireann.

We can breathe sigh of relief though as it's likely to be light, he told the Irish Times.

It's only predicted to fall in the north and east of the country, he said, and isn't expected to accumulate except on higher ground.

Certain parts of the country to be worst hit in Beast from the East 3

"It’s really bad luck. People will be annoyed with us, but we are only the messenger," added Luijkx.

As for this weekend, we can expect lows of minus 1 degrees tonight but we could get up to between 8 and 11 degrees tomorrow, Saturday, with sunny spells and scattered showers.

Sunday will be much the same with highs of 8 to 10 degrees in the afternoon.