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20th Jun 2022

“So precious”: Charlotte Crosby reveals her baby’s gender

Kat O'Connor

It’s a girl!

Charlotte Crosby has revealed the gender of her baby.

Earlier this year, the reality star confirmed she was pregnant with her first child.

Charlotte Crosby has now revealed that she is expecting a baby girl.

She shared, “To our little girlie, You’re so precious to us already.”

“My shining little star. The world is yours for the taking,” the mum said.

She added, “Words can not describe how excited we are to meet you, little superstar.”

“A little girl can you all believe it,” Charlotte added.

Charlotte’s mum Letitia said her daughter has always wanted a baby girl.

She said, “I’m just so pleased it’s a girl, she always gets what she wants!”

Over the weekend, Charlotte hosted a gender reveal party.

Charlotte’s nearest and dearest joined her at the celebration this weekend.

The Geordie Shore star revealed she was pregnant in April.

The 31-year-old wrote, “A moment I wasn’t sure would ever be mine is here, it’s mine (and Jakes).”

“I couldn’t be happier to be sharing it with you all……I’m having a baby.”

The reality star said she feared she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant after suffering an ectopic pregnancy in 2016.

She had her left fallopian tube removed after experiencing severe pain and bleeding.

The mum-to-be admitted she couldn’t believe she was pregnant after fearing she would never be able to conceive.