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26th Nov 2021

A third of people have the fear over past Christmas parties

Ellen Fitzpatrick

The dreaded Christmas party.

It’s one of those things you either dread every year, not knowing what state you’ll end up in or look forward to for the entire year – of course, it’s the office Christmas party.

The same thing happens at every Christmas party, we all take advantage of the free bar all too much and that’s usually about the time we start telling our workmates a little bit too much about our lives.

While we thankfully had a break from the dread of a Christmas party last year (the only thing lockdown was good for), there’s a 50/50 chance we’ll have to face them this year.

And yes, it is lovely to catch up with work pals outside of the office, sometimes we take it a step too far and according to a new study conducted by greeting cards company,, a third of people regret their actions at them.

One of the biggest regrets people have is getting too friendly, with 45% saying they’ve kissed a fellow co-worker and 28% saying they’ve even gone as far as sleeping with someone from the office.

When it comes to looking at which industries are most likely to get it on with a colleague, 62% of those working in environment and agriculture are hooking up, followed by people working in business, consulting and management, at 52%.

While most people try to take it easy, 58% say they intend on not drinking too much, while 34% say they’ve been too hungover to work the next day.

21% have admitted to pulling a sickie, while 26% also say they’ve been too drunk to even remember their actions at Christmas parties.

And despite our crazy antics, 54% of us still say we love a good Christmas party, so there’s no stopping us yet.