Mum starts debate after asking how many gifts kids should get for Christmas- what do you think? 1 year ago

Mum starts debate after asking how many gifts kids should get for Christmas- what do you think?

We are slowly approaching the Christmas season.

Before we know it we'll be queuing up outside Smyths, hoping, wishing, and praying that LOL doll your kid has begged Santa for hasn't sold out yet.

Christmas shopping when you have kids is another level of stress only parents will ever truly understand.

The pressure to find everything on the list before it is snatched up haunts us for all of November and December.

Of course, we want to see our kids smiling and grinning on Christmas morning when they open their gifts, but one mum has asked caused quite the heated debate about festive presents.

How many gifts should children get?

Is there actually a right amount of gifts to give your kiddos? Or does it all depend on the individual?

She wrote on Mumsnet, “Without being over or underwhelmed what is your ideal number of gifts per child? My oldest is 7 and LO is a baby. In previous years I have just bought as I saw fit but having 2 kids this year I want them to have the same number of things."


She asked, "Are 10 things each to open on Christmas morning enough? They will get three more a few days later."

Some parents were stunned to hear the woman's children will receive so many gifts.

One admitted, “Ten things?! Crikey, mine are only getting 2-3 things, and a filled stocking. I think the more you give them the more they expect."

Another said giving them so many gifts might take away from the real meaning of Christmas.

Other parents felt that it all depends on your own personal finances and feelings.

Others said spoiling your children with too many gifts will make their expectations too high in the future.

One mum shared, “Mine get two presents from Santa (one fun one, one practical one), and one from us."

What do you think? How many gifts should children get at Christmas?