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01st Nov 2022

McGregor’s mother called out over shocking black face Halloween photos

Tobi Akingbade

“What is going on with that?”

Conor McGregor and his mother have come under fire over her shocking Halloween costume.

The sportsman celebrated the holiday with his family in Dublin on Monday night, but photos from their night out have caused outrage.

McGregor posted multiple photos of his mother Margaret McGregor in blackface on his Instagram account.

Fans quickly pointed out how wrong her costume was, but the family failed to remove the images from their socials.

One said, “This is horrendous. Like who thought this was a good idea?”

Social commentator Michael Morgan, wrote: “Loved Conor McGregor’s outfit for Halloween. His mum going full-on ‘blackface’ however, I like that less. A. Lot. Less…”

Another shared, “Totally offensive, But then again what would you expect from that family?”

Blackface is not cool during Halloween – or any time of the year – as historically it has been used as a form of entertainment used to dehumanize people of African descent.