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11th Jan 2019

Did you catch this embarrassing moment on First Dates Ireland last night?

Olivia Hayes

Ah, First Dates Ireland.

This was just so, so awkward.

We’ve all had a few bad dates in our time, however this ending has to be one of the most cringey things we have ever seen.

On the show, it seems like Siobhan from Youghal isn’t all that interested in her match, Aidan from Tralee. They just don’t seem to be getting on too well and it’s mighty awkward.

Fast forward to the post-date interview though, and Aidan goes on about how he wouldn’t go on another date with Siobhan because he thinks she doesn’t like him.

He said he thinks that he is not what she’s looking for… which, fair.

However, then things take a turn when Siobhan actually reveals that she said yes, she would have went on a second date with him.

Queue the awkward looks and stammering sentences.

It was just all over the place, tbh. Have a look at the video above, and cringe.