Burglar broke into Victoria and David Beckham's home while they slept 7 months ago

Burglar broke into Victoria and David Beckham's home while they slept

The Beckhams are badly shaken after the robbery.

David and Victoria Beckham are reportedly shaken after a masked man broke into their London home.

The couple and their 10-year-old daughter were asleep when the burglary happened.

The thief made their way into the couple's home in Holland Park, West London through an upstairs bedroom.

Cruz Beckham discovered their home was robbed when he returned from a night out with his friends.

He returned home shortly after midnight.

A window of their $40 million London home was broken and a spare bedroom was ransacked.

The thief stole thousands of pounds worth of designer clothes and electric goods.


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Cruz woke his dad when he made the discovery, but the burglar had already fled the scene.

David and Cruz then searched their home, while Victoria stayed with 10-year-old Harper.

It is believed the family is badly shaken after the break-in.

Police have now launched an investigation into the robbery.

A source told The Sun, "Sadly the Beckhams were the victims of some fairly professional thieves who have been operating in the area."

“Fortunately the criminals only made it as far as one-bedroom before they ran off.”

“The thieves had broken through a window and darted straight back out of the same one with a small number of items. Luckily none had a huge amount of sentimental value to the family.”

The news comes after a woman was charged with stalking David Beckham and his family.

She was also spotted outside Harper's school, pretending to be a parent.

The woman also went to Beckham's West London home, but can no longer be within 500m of any of Beckham's properties.