People are divided over this mum's extreme Elf on the Shelf prank 11 months ago

People are divided over this mum's extreme Elf on the Shelf prank

A good idea or a pain to clean?

Coming up with new Elf on the Shelf ideas is the bane of our existence.

Especially when we hit the end of December.

The creative part of our brains has honestly just given up. We're tired and there are 101 things we need to do before the 25th.

The kids will be lucky if we move the elf from one room to another.

One mum went all out with her latest Elf on the Shelf prank, but it has really divided parents.

The mum transformed her kitchen into a beach in a TikTok video.

And as amazing as it looks, we can't help but think about how long it'll take to clean up.

Have you ever got sand in your shoe at the beach? That stuff loves to linger around the house for months.


Many parents felt the prank was a step too far.

Others even said it'll raise her son's expectations too high.

@samgrace_22Beach day??

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However, others loved the idea.

"Anyone else think she’s a wonderful mother for doing this for her child? I think it’s a brilliant idea," one wrote.

Another said, "This is awesome!! This is what it's all about. Doing what you and your kids will love not what society thinks!! Go, girl!! I want to build a sandcastle."

Another praised the mum for being so creative and making an extra effort for her children.

"We do anything for our children. What’s a bit of mess? It can always be cleaned. You gotta live with some fun!" one added.

Ain't that the truth.