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24th Sep 2021

Emergency services issue stark warning to parents ahead of Halloween

“Some children have been scarred for life”

Halloween is just around the corner and as exciting as that may be, emergency services are warning parents to be extremely cautious this year.

The danger that comes with Halloween is the scariest part of the holiday. Between fireworks, bonfires, and bangers, the risks that comes with this holiday should never be undermined.

Parents have been urged to keep their children away from fireworks.

Speaking of the harm they cause, Dublin city’s chief fire officer, Dennis Keeley said firefighters have witnessed “the catastrophic consequences and . . . devastation fireworks can have on people”.

Emergency services are already working tirelessly to put a stop to stockpiling for Halloween bonfires.

“We will be liaising with local authorities and fire services to identify and remove stockpiled bonfire materials and abandoned vehicles,” Inspector Aonghus Hussey told The Irish Times.

Firefighters in Phibsboro recently arrived at the scene of a bonfire.

“Firefighters from Phibsborough extinguished a bonfire set on vacant land in Cabra. The Halloween ’stashing’ season is underway.”

They called on the public for their assistance, “Report stashes and collections to your local authority. Stashes can be lit prematurely in situ potentially causing serious fires and damage.”

A person can be fined up to €10,000 euro if they are found with unlicensed fireworks.

The HSE has stressed that keeping children away from fireworks and bonfires is the best thing to do this Halloween.

“Fireworks and bonfires cause injuries to children every year. Some children have been scarred for life,” it warned.

“Children should never hold lit sparklers. They can burn at very high temperatures. They will not go out even if you use water.”

Families can still host enjoyable and safe Halloween celebrations.

Attending bonfires or using fireworks is something we all need to start avoiding in a bid to help our emergency services.

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