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09th Oct 2023

Love Island star Amy Hart hits back at mum shamers

Anna Martin

amy hart

Former Love Island Amy Hart star has hit back at mum-shamers.

The new mum was bombarded with comments criticising her choice to follow traditional weaning for her baby.

Amy first found herself in the spotlight after appearing on season five of the hit ITV show back in 2019.

Since then the 31-year-old welcomed her baby boy Stanley to the world with her boyfriend Sam Rason back in March of this year.

The blonde beauty regularly shares insights into her life as she adjusts to being a mum but unfortunately, she has found that exposes her to unwanted advice.

amy hart

This time Amy decided she wanted to set the record straight on her decision not to opt for baby-led-weaning (BLW) after receiving a number of messages about the subject.

Posting on her Instagram story the former reality star said, “I didn’t want to do baby-led weaning. It’s not for me and it won’t fit in our family.

“I just want to say this isn’t anti-BLW rhetoric. It’s just, I’m doing traditional weaning.

“I get so many messages saying, ‘No, you need to do baby-led weaning. Like, he’s never going to have motor skills, he’s never going to be able to feed himself properly… unless you do baby-led weaning.'”

According to Amy, a number of people reached out to tell her that her choice would impede her son’s motor skill development.

amy heart

Advocates of this feeding method, which involves teaching babies to feed themselves by offering them a selection of solid finger foods to choose from, argue that it can help the infant practice fine motor skills and build healthy eating habits.

She went on to add that Stanley is able to feed himself and has tried “eggy bread” without her assistance despite her decision not to follow BLW.

Amy added she was sharing her thoughts “just to reassure any mums that are doing things the way that I’m doing it.”