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08th Apr 2022

Brooklyn Beckham’s little sister Harper to play important role in his wedding

Sarah McKenna Barry

10-year-old Harper will play a very important role in her big brother’s wedding.

Brooklyn Beckham is set to marry his partner Nicola Peltz on Saturday, and it’s shaping up to be quite the event.

The wedding will take place at a lavish estate in Palm Beach, Florida, and while we can expect plenty of glamorous details and a celebrity guest-list – Snoop Dogg, Eva Longoria, Gigi Hadid, the Spice Girls and the Ramsays are all expected to attend – Brooklyn has ensured there will be plenty of personal touches to his wedding as well.

For instance, the youngest Beckham — Harper Beckham — will be playing a special role on her brother’s big day.

The 10-year-old (yes, we also can’t believe she’s 10!) will be a bridesmaid for her future sister-in-law. Harper will join Nicola’s mother, who will act as the maid of honour, in the bridal party.

Brooklyn has also tasked his brothers with equally important jobs. Romeo (19) and Cruz (17) have been enlisted as groomsmen for their older brother.

Brooklyn and Nicola revealed that they were engaged in 2020, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they had to postpone their wedding.

They had been together for eight months before Brooklyn popped the question.

As The Mirror reports, it’s understood that the wedding will be a social media free affair, meaning that guests are prohibited from sharing snaps of the big day.

It’s rumoured that the couple may have secured a deal to share the first photos with the fashion magazine Vogue, and this is the reason for the social media ban.

Brooklyn has also shared that the wedding will be a Jewish ceremony, as Nicola herself is Jewish.

Brooklyn previously told Vogue that he will be wearing a yarmulke to honour his brides’ heritage.

It has also been reported that the couple have signed a prenup. This is rumoured to be because Nicola’s father, Nelson Peltz, is a financier with an estimated fortune of £1.3 billion.