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16th Aug 2023

Charlotte Dawson breaks down after trolls report her to child services again

Kat O'Connor

Charlotte Dawson said she doesn’t understand how people can get away with this.

Charlotte Dawson has broken down after trolls reported her to social services. The mum-of-two has been targeted by trolls before, but they’ve gone a step further by reporting her to social services for no reason.

She explained that her day has been full of bad news after social services contacted the mum about her children’s welfare. Charlotte told her Instagram followers that she has experienced the most “horrendous” and “awful” day.

One of the trolls reported her to social services and claimed her son Noah, who is only two years old, was drinking. Charlotte slammed the claims and stressed that she would never let something like this happen.

She was also reported to social services after one of her followers claimed “there’s excessive alcohol” in their home.

The mum-of-two said she isn’t even in a normal state of mind right now because of the false allegations.

“I’m still really down and low. I’m not in real life, you know when you’re in your baby bubble.

“One minute I’m happy and one minute I’m low.”

She slated the people who made the false allegations for wasting social service’s time.

Charlotte said the person is trying to ruin her life but she isn’t going to let them get to her.

“It’s horrific, I feel sick, I don’t know how they can get away with giving us all this stress,” she added.