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07th Oct 2023

Charlotte Dawson reveals her son has been admitted to hospital with RSV

Kat O'Connor

Charlotte Dawson’s son was diagnosed with RSV bronchitis.

Charlotte Dawson’s son has been admitted to hospital with RSV. The heartbroken mum confirmed her son was taken to hospital with the respiratory illness this week.

However, he is being treated and will remain in hospital until the doctors are happy with his condition.

She told her followers:

“Thank you so much for all your messages on my beautiful baby boy. Didn’t want to put anything on until I knew what it was.

“He had RSV bronchitis. Thank god we came in when we did,” she shared.

Charlotte said it has been so difficult to see her little boy struggling, but she knows he is in the best place possible.

The mum also praised his doctors for taking such good care of her son.

She wrote, “So heartbreaking seeing him like this. We are in here for a few days he is now hopefully on the mend.”

Charlotte shared: “We came up to hospital and the nurses said thank god you’ve come now because his oxygen levels were so low, they saw me straight away, they were so good with me.”

Parents have been warned about a rise in RSV cases as he enter the colder months.

The symptoms of RSV include wheezing. runny nose. difficulty feeding or decreased appetite, as well as a fever.

Almost all children will contract RSV before they are 2-years-old. It is a very common virus, but some children may require hospital treatment if they’re diagnosed.

According to the HSE, RSV typically spreads in winter and early spring.

Most patients recover within two or three weeks and usually don’t need treatment.