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11th May 2022

Dáithí O’Sé shares health update after finding lump in his neck

Ellen Fitzpatrick

He’s doing well.

Daithí O Sé has thanked viewers after one eagled-eyed RTE fan spotted a lump on his neck.

Undergoing a recent health scare, the presenter explained that the viewer’s mum was a healthcare worker who noticed the unusual lump and became worried about him.

The Kerryman took their advice and went to get it checked out by a doctor, telling the RTE Guide: “I got a message from this person a little while back to say that their mother, who was a nurse for years and watches the show every day, had spotted a lump on my neck and she was worried about me.

“We’re always on the show telling people to go to the doctor so I thought I better take my own advice.

“The doctor said there’s something there alright, so I had to get a scan because they were worried about how it looked.”

He then admitted that he was worried about the issue at the time but thankfully his scan revealed that nothing was wrong.

He said that while nothing was wrong, he is thankful and grateful the woman asked him to check it out as there was so much relief once he did.

This isn’t the first time a viewer has spotted a lump on a TV personality as last year Strictly Come Dancing judge Shirley Ballas had the same experience.

She told fans that she was booked in for a doctor’s appointment after concerned eagle-eyed viewers spotted a small lump during the live show.

She said: “Last week and the week before I got some alarming messages where people said that when I lift my arm up, they could see lumps or bumps or nodes, or whatever.

“So, I just did some self-check myself, and I couldn’t feel anything except a tiny little node at the back, but I’m going to go to the doctor’s on Tuesday.”

She added: “And, to all the women out there, please keep checking yourself, and to those people who were concerned enough to send me messages that they saw lumps and bumps, I’m very, very grateful.”