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14th Mar 2022

“What impression are you giving to mums?”: Danielle Lloyd addresses post-baby body backlash

Kat O'Connor

“What impression are you giving to mums?”

Danielle Lloyd has responded to claims she got liposuction after having her children.

The mum has been trolled over her post-baby body with many claiming she’s setting a bad example for other mums.

The mum said she is proud of her body and sees no harm in showing it off.

She said she has worked hard for her body to look the way it does and shouldn’t have to hide it.

The mum-of-five told OK! that she is always hit with abuse over her weight.

“Whenever I pose in a bikini people say, “Ew, you’ve got five kids, put it away!” and I’m like, “No way!” Why should I? I’m not even 40. I’ll still be doing it at 90. I’ve also had some really hurtful comments from people skinny-shaming me.”

“People have said things like, “What impression are you giving to mums by being that thin after giving birth? Do you even eat? You look like a rake!”

“Other comments have said that I’ve obviously had liposuction after having Autumn and that I must have had a surrogate as you don’t lose baby weight that quickly.

The mum stressed that having liposuction “is the last thing on my mind”.

“Was I really going to get the fat sucked out of me three months after giving birth?” she asked.


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Danielle said it has been frustrating for her because she worked hard to look how she does.

She said she has gotten used to the trolling, but there are days when it gets the better of her.

“I’ve grown a thick skin, but it made me angry because I feel like it’s constant. I’m either too fat or too thin.”

Danielle welcomed her first daughter Autumn last November.