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16th Aug 2023

‘Struggling massively’ – Molly Mae opens up about her post-baby body

Kat O'Connor

Molly-Mae has been praised for being so honest about her post-baby body.

New mum Molly-Mae Hague has opened up about the struggle to love her post-baby body. There is so much pressure put on new mums to instantly love their bodies after giving birth, but building your confidence back up is incredibly tough.

Your body has gone through major changes and simply getting used to them is hard enough. Learning to embrace your new body isn’t something that happens instantly, but something that takes time.

Speaking on Instagram, Molly-Mae admitted she has been finding it incredibly tough.

The mum said one of the most important things you can do is to be kind to yourself.

She explained, “It’s most certainly a journey… one I’m not finding particularly easy but I always knew the second I fell pregnant accepting my post-baby body wouldn’t happen overnight.”

The Love Island star knows she will get there soon, but it is something that takes time.

“I’ll get there. I’m hoping I’ll fall back in love with a healthy, balanced lifestyle again soon,” she shared.

“It’s not happened quite yet but I know I need to be patient with myself,” she added.

She reminded other post-partum mums who are also struggling to “be kind to yourself”.

The mum added, “Some of you know how big a deal that is to me.

“I have been struggling massively since Bambi has been born to get into the swing of exercising again,” she shared.

Molly-Mae gave birth to her daughter Bambi, who is her first child, in January.