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16th Aug 2023

Couple heartbroken after mother announces their pregnancy after they lost their baby

*Warning* This article mentions baby loss

The woman lost her baby early in her pregnancy but her mother-in-law confirmed the news on Facebook.

A couple has been left heartbroken after their mum announced their pregnancy after they suffered a miscarriage.

The couple opened up about the heartbreaking incident in a bid to raise awareness about why you should never share someone’s pregnancy news without their consent.

As excited as the mum was, announcing the news on social media was insensitive.

The husband opened up about the incident on Reddit. He explained that they didn’t want to tell anyone because his wife was still in the early stages of pregnancy.

However, his mother noticed some early signs of pregnancy in his wife and asked them if they were expecting.

He wrote, “She asked about it and we were honest. We also asked her to please respect our wishes and not go tell people because it was early in the pregnancy and we wanted time to ourselves to absorb it.”

The son continued, “My mom lasted two weeks before she started posting about becoming a grandmother.”

He said they didn’t tell her about the pregnancy loss yet because they were so heartbroken.

“I was still feeling dead inside when I saw her post so I just commented that “Elise miscarried a week ago”.

“I guess it took about an hour for my mom to see the comment and delete her post,” he said.

He explained that they have now been inundated with condolences since the loss, but all of this could have been avoided if his mum didn’t share their news.

“My mom has been getting crapped on by friends and family for being so insensitive. She is mad at me for not telling her that we had lost her grandchild.”

The husband said he feels so angry over what she did but also feels guilty for publically calling her out.

Reddit users agreed that the mum was completley in the wrong.

“Your mom disregarded your wishes. She violated your privacy,” one said.

Another added, “Your mother chose to not respect your wishes, everyone knows it can go wrong early in the pregnancy.”