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15th May 2023

Dearbhla Mescal shares positive health update amid cancer battle

Clodagh McKeon

It’s good news.

Paul Mescal’s mum, Dearbhla Mescal has given followers a health update after returning from hospital amid receiving cancer treatment.

She has been documenting her cancer journey on social media to share her experiences and hope with other people who are going through similar health issues.

Dearbhla was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and has been in and out of hospital receiving treatment for the last couple of months.

Multiple myeloma is a type of bone marrow cancer that often affects several areas of the body, such as the spine, skull, pelvis and ribs.

Dearbhla took to Instagram stories to give her followers an update on how she’s feeling. She explained she got good news following a recent blood test.

Dearbhla said: “So I’ve just finished in the hospital. I’ve to go for an MRI. Date to be confirmed, but that’s okay.

“Bloods done, all still really good numbers so very, very happy about that part and we’ll get to the root of the pain but it’s so wonderful to be cared for by this amazing team.”

She explained that she’s now “less anxious” out the pain because she knows the doctors will get to the bottom of it.

“I’m going to have a nice Sunday”

The Normal People star’s mum said: “I’ve made my sandwich, I’ve lit the fire, I can see my roses and my birds and my tree and this is me.

“I’m now going to settle and I hope for all of you that need to be heard that you get heard, that would be my hope for us all – that our voices are heard and if your voice can’t be heard that there is somebody advocating for you to be heard.

“I think that is really important.”

Yesterday, Dearbhla had her MRI and seemed delighted to have it over and done with.

Speaking on her Instagram stories she said: “The MRI is done, so I’m going to go have a nice Sunday, you too. Bye.”

Dearbhla Mescal has been updating her followers on her health status since returning to St James’ Hospital for cancer treatment.

She said she wants to create a space where people with similar health issues feel safe.

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