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Family dynamics

13th May 2023

I’m 30, have a child and still live at my mum’s house – I don’t plan on moving out


Why the heck would people have a problem with this?

A US mum-of-one recently went viral on TikTok when she took to the video-sharing platform to reveal that she is still living at home with her own mum – even though she is 30 years old.

The mum, who goes by the name @maggieandsavvy on TikTok, says she is perfectly content with her living situation, but still had to defend herself against online trolls who mocked her for not having a home of her own, but rather raising her daughter in a multi-generational household with her own mother.

Living with ones parents is, of course, a pretty normal set-up in many cultures, but Maggie, who works as a floral designer, says that this is clearly not the case normally in the US, and because of that, she has been met with lots of judgement and stigma when telling people about her living situation.

However, the young mum, who recently lost her own father, is in no hurry to move out of her mum’s house, and says she plans to live with her for “the rest of her life.”

@maggieandsavvy I turn 31 in 2 weeks and I told my mom that We are going to live with her the rest of her life ?? (esp. since we just lost my dad?) #EasyWithAdobeExpress #multigenerationalhouse #singlemomstrong #loveisallweneed #selfloveclub #family #grandmashouse #singlemamalife #fyp #griefjourney ♬ original sound – Tayyyyyyy

The 30-year-old recently took to TikTok to answer the question “are you embarrassed that you live with your parents with a baby at 30?”

However, on the contrary, Maggie says she is far from embarrassed and feels grateful that she was able to spend a year with her father before he passed away.

She reveals that she also feels fortunate that she and her daughter are both “so loved” by her mother, who she describes as being her “best friend.”

In the video which has collected more than 16k likes, Maggie can be seen proudly holding her little girl while dancing, showing followers her “mum’s house… and all the love my daughter gets here.”

In the caption, the mum-of-one revealed that she was set to turn 31 in two weeks’ time, and had told her mum that she and her child “are going to live with her the rest of her life.”

Once the video was up, many of Maggie’s followers were quick to reassure her that she has absolutely nothing to feel embarrassed about, and have praised her for helping to destigmatise what is a perfectly normal household set-up.

One person wrote: “Normalisation of this will save so many headaches and struggles that young people don’t have to endure. My door is always open for my adult children.”

However, others again mocked the fact that Maggie is still living with her mother at age 30, especially as she is now a mother herself.


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