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26th Apr 2022

Singer Dickie Rock heartbroken after losing his wife to Covid-19

Kat O'Connor

“My lovely Judy is gone”

Singer Dickie Rock has sadly lost his wife to Covid-19.

The showband legend’s wife Judy passed away at a Dublin hospital this week.

His 75-year-old wife died from a Covid-related illness on Monday evening.

The couple was married for over 50 years.

It is believed his wife Judy was being treated at St. Vincent’s Hospital for multiple weeks.

Last month, both the singer and his wife Judy contracted the virus.

The 85-year-old was able to recover at home and only had flu-like symptoms.

However, his wife’s condition was far more serious.

Judy was admitted to the Dublin hospital and was later moved to the intensive care unit.

A friend close to the singer said he is completely “devastated” by the loss of his wife.

According to The Sun, the singer said: “This is so terrible, I always wanted to go first but my lovely Judy is gone.”

The Miami Showband member said they managed to avoid the virus for over two years.

However, after returning from a holiday in Spain, the singer contracted the virus in Dublin.

“We’d been avoiding Covid for the last two years but since coming back to Dublin, I picked it up.

“I have no idea where? And I passed it on to Judy.”

Dickie and Judy got married in 1966.