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09th Oct 2023

‘I don’t have a life’ – PJ Gallagher discusses the realities of parenting newborn twins

Jody Coffey

PJ Gallagher has is being transparent about the realities of parenthood after welcoming twins during the summer.

The Irish comedian’s partner, Kelly Doolin, gave birth to their twin babies, a boy named Milo and a girl named Stevie, in August, weeks before Kelly’s due date in mid-September.

Speaking to his co-host Jim McCabe on their GloryDaze podcast, the new dad admitted he doesn’t ‘have a life’ and that things were ‘bloody awful’ at the beginning as he was learning the topes in his new role as a father of two.

“I’m traumatised, I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t like hard things, I like things that are easy, where I can do whatever I want whenever I feel like doing them.

“I haven’t had time to even change myself and now you’re saying I’ve to change other people? My God.”


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PJ gave an honest glimpse into how he and his partner’s lives have changed since becoming parents, but being a father to ‘fantastic’ babies outweighs the daily challenges.

“I don’t have a life right now. I always wondered about those people who say they’ve never known a life or love like it the last two weeks and I have to say now I wonder what sort of sh*t lives those b*lloxs were living before their children arrived because I’m not going to lie and say it’s all hardship, the kids are fantastic, they’re amazing, and it is life-changing but it isn’t life-changing as in ‘now I have a meaning’.

“Life was marvellous, things were going good, life was easy before. But now I’ve forgotten what life was at all! I can’t even complain because Kelly does the night shift, I don’t even know which one of them is crying.”


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Discussing the realities of parenting two newborn babies, the Radio Nova host opened up about the time pressures when it comes to feeding and changing twins, and how they can set each other off.

“It’s endless. It takes 40 minutes to feed one and you put them down and the other one gives a yell and you have to feed them, then you sit down for five minutes until it starts all over again.

“You spend 40 minutes feeding them and then they do that thing babies do and it’s all straight back out. Same thing the second you change them.”

More of this honesty, please!