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24th Sep 2021

Netflix shares first look of season two of Emily in Paris

Sarah McKenna Barry

It can’t come soon enough.

Fans of Emily in Paris will be pleased to hear that the very first look of the upcoming season is finally here.

The show’s star Lily Collins took to Instagram yesterday to share a number of snaps from set – and it looks just as glam and high-fashion as the first season.

In her caption, the actress wrote: “Finally, a first look of @emilyinparis Saison Deux!!!

“So excited to be sharing the screen with this incredible cast. Can’t wait for you guys to see everything that’s coming.”

She added: “You’re in for a real treat. Until then, bisous bisous!”

The star attached seven images of the upcoming season, and it looks like we can expect romance, fashion, and of course, a generous dollop of drama.

In the first picture, Collins, who plays Emily, stands with her co-stars Ashley Park and Camille Razat, who play Mindy and Camille, respectively.

The second is a solo shot of our girl rocking a beret, of course, while the third shows her engaged in conversation with newcomer Lucien Laviscount, who will play Alfie in the upcoming series.

In the fourth glimpse, the gang is all back together at Emily’s Parisian office – and we can’t wait to see what cringey antics she’ll get up to this time around.

The fifth image shows Emily and Mindy out for cocktails, while William Abadie, who plays the perfume company owner Antoine, chats them up.

Fan favourite Lucas Bravo, who plays Emily’s chef neighbour Gabriel, cooks up a storm in the sixth picture, while the final image shows Emily having a one-to-one with her disparaging boss Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu).

The second season of Emily in Paris is scheduled to premiere on Netflix in late 2021, so we can expect a release date any day now.

Until then, we plan on re-watching season one in its entirety, you know, to be prepared.