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22nd May 2022

Imelda May responds to backlash after defending Johnny Depp

Kat O'Connor

“Some of the nicest, most charming people in public are capable of horrendous deeds behind closed doors.”

Imelda May has responded to backlash after she publicly supported Johnny Depp.

The singer posted a photo of herself and Depp on stage and described him as “the kindest and most respectful” person she knows.

May also said the actor is the “coolest, most thoughtful, considerate, truthful, heartful human, you could ever know”.

May has been hit with significant backlash since publicly defending Depp, who is suing his ex-wife Amber Heard for libel.

Many stressed that she was completely wrong for supporting the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

However, she failed to accept the backlash and said “being cruel doesn’t help”.

The Irish singer wrote, “I believe in love, truth, safety, respect, kindness, and compassion regardless of gender. I’m not a judge nor jury.”

“Supporting one doesn’t always condemn another. Being cruel doesn’t help.”

“Empathy and understanding does. I have no hate just hope.”

She added, “Have a peaceful night.”

She also said, “I surprise myself with my continuous naivety of the viciousness of Twitter.”

Many fans said May was wrong to support someone who has been accused of domestic violence.

Others stressed that just because someone is kind to you doesn’t mean they’re an innocent person.

One fan shared, “I would say this without wanting to be unkind toward you in any way but all abusers have a facade and usually their best supporters are women privy to their carefully contrived act. We can’t keep repeating the same errors of upholding abusers either.”

Another added, “Disgusted and appauled by Imelda May.”

“Your naivety about people is more of an issue here Imelda. Some of the nicest, most charming people in public are capable of horrendous deeds behind closed doors. Things are not always as they seem.”