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10th Sep 2023

‘The joy, the depression’ – Jessie J praised for being honest about postpartum recovery

Kat O'Connor

Jessie J welcomed her first child in May.

Mums have been praising Jessie J after she opened up about her post-partum recovery.

The new mum welcomed her baby boy named Sky in May and hasn’t shied away from being honest about life as a new mum.

She bravely opened up about the ups and downs of motherhood in an honest new post.

“For myself and anyone else who needs this…”

“The joy, The depression, The happiness, The rage, The sass, The pain, The magic, The exhaustion, The tears, The laughter, The new, The fear, The ups, The downs, The relentlessness, The sexiness, The confidence, The loneliness, The old, The guilt, The change, The bliss, The lost, The found.

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She added “Love yourself through it all. You are doing it and you are going to get through the intense storm that is postpartum.”

Parents praised her for being so real.

“Thank you so much for everything you are doing to normalise this experience for a generation. We appreciate you,” one said.

Another added, “I cannot thank you enough for being so real. I needed that today. I got this. You got this!”

“Beyond proud of you my girl. Sky is one lucky little man to have you as his momma!” another added.

Another shared, “Thank you for bringing truth to being a new mum.”

We need more people like Jessie J on social media. The way she normalises motherhood is so refreshing.