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09th Jan 2023

“Pregnancy is not a competition”: Jessie J calls out followers over inappropriate comments

Kat O'Connor

Jessie J revealed she was pregnant over the weekend.

*Content warning for pregnancy loss*

Jessie J has called out her followers for leaving inappropriate comments on her pregnancy announcement video.

The mum-to-be confirmed she was pregnant on Friday, January 6th.

The Domino singer took to her Instagram to call out the remarks.

The singer wrote;

“The comments on videos about my pregnancy is a whole new experience… It’s very interesting observing how women are with each other.

Let me just say this, pregnancy is the most relatable but unique journey.”

“Telling someone how they feel or what not to feel is just not the way to do it.

“I’m not even talking about some of you commenting to me, I’m also talking about how you comment to and on each other. Every body is different. Literally. And every story and journey is different.

She continued, “Pregnancy is not a competition. Pregnancy is not who is doing it better or right because not one way works for everyone.”

Jessie J

Jessie added, “I can only speak on the first trimester fully and I believe however s**t or amazing or awful or scary or joyful it is. Gratitude is always there as a given.”

She reminded her followers that pregnant women are “allowed to feel” however they want.

She also wrote, “We are allowed to do it however WE want. We got this.”

The Nobody’s Perfect singer confirmed she was pregnant on January 6th. Her pregnancy news comes after the singer suffered a devastating miscarriage in November 2021.

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