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18th Aug 2021

Kate Middleton apparently gets ‘mum guilt’ just like everybody else

Laura Grainger

“I was having doubts and questions about the guilty element of being away for work and things like that.”

Queen of the I’m a Celeb castle Giovanna Fletcher says she isn’t the only royal to experience mum guilt – apparently the Duchess of Cambridge does, too.

Kate Middleton appeared on Giovanna’s podcast Happy Mum Happy Baby last year, and now the podcaster is revealing some home truths about the interview.

She said she bonded with Kate over shared experiences of motherhood, including balancing parenting with work duties.

Speaking to Hello!, Giovanna said: “It’s that whole mum guilt thing where your kids say, ‘Do you have to go to work today? Can’t you be here with me?’

“So knowing that she has that too made me feel less alone about leaving my two-year-old who always wants me at home.”

Giovanna was referring to comments Kate made during the podcast episode about the importance of having a network of support when having to leave your kids.

“I was having doubts and questions about the guilty element of being away for work and things like that,” the royal shared. “The more people you have around your children who are safe and loving and caring, the better.

“It was a real weight off my shoulders that actually it’s not totally my responsibility to do everything, because you know we all have good days, bad days – and if you can dilute that with others who aren’t on that particular day struggling, I think it makes such a difference for your child, and keeping them as constant and happy as possible.”

Giovanna also added that chatting with the Duchess had been like speaking to any ‘normal’ mother.

“Like with most people, as soon as they start talking about their kids, there’s a softness, it’s something that’s such a part of you,” she explained. “She’s definitely very, very hands-on and fills her kids’ time with adventure.”