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26th Sep 2023

Laura Anderson defends parenting decisions before mum-shamers step in

**Trigger warning: Some readers may find the contents of this article triggering**

Love Island’s Laura Anderson made sure to block incoming hate from mum-shamers before they got a chance, after she posted her ‘controversial’ parenting decisions.

The reality TV personality, 32, gave birth earlier this month to a baby girl named Bonnie Rose, whom she shares with Gary Lucy.

Since the arrival of her first child, she has been candid about her journey into motherhood, explaining to her followers that she has employed the ‘cry it out’ technique as she has run ‘out of ideas’

The influencer took to Instagram to share that she left Bonnie Rose to ‘cry it out’, after she was ‘out of ideas’ on how to stop her from crying.

“What a day and it’s not even over. Not one nap longer than 20 minutes and fed every hour. I’ve had to let Bonnie cry it out as I’m out of ideas. Who’s idea was it to have a baby,” she joked using laughing crying emojis.

But before mum-shamers could get to work in the comment section, she uploaded another post clarifying what she meant by ‘cry it out’ and the decision to do so.

“When I say cry it out I meant about 2.5seconds so I could think of another solution as it was the first time she’s cried so hard and I wasn’t able to quickly rectify, chill peeps.

“She skipped a nap and was over-tired so it just spiralled. Tomorrow is a new day. Currently unblocking milk ducts in the bath woo!”

Laura has been transparent about life as a new parent with everything from her postpartum body to breastfeeding.

Last week, the new mum opened up about her recovery following the birth of her daughter and shared her postpartum body with her followers.

Laura admitted that she is finding postpartum ‘without a doubt the hardest part of pregnancy’ but explained that she knows how lucky she is to have a ‘healthy baby girl’ in her arms.

The former Love Island contestant revealed that she had intended to only share this will her family and friends but decided to be truthful about postpartum life.

“I’d love to share my recovery must haves for anyone due soon and just in general what I’ve learned and needed most after labour. Hats off to all the mummas and supportive fathers out there, I actually think there should be some emotional support for partners after birth too.

“Anyway not my usual post but I just wanted to say whatever your postpartum body looks like just know it’s perfect, you are healing and even if we don’t go back to our old selves maybe the new us will be even better. I say this as I currently soothe my saggy boobies in the bath thanking them for feeding bubba everyday. ”

After the birth of Bonnie Rose, Laura opened up about her difficult experience with childbirth and revealed she had a ‘horrendous’ labour.

During the birth, Laura says she lost 1.6 litres of blood and also suffered a second-degree tear, which required stitches and also had a haemorrhage shortly after her daughter’s birth.