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22nd Sep 2023

‘You presume wrong’ – Stacey Solomon responds to morning routine backlash

Stacey Solomon has responded to an online troll after they made incorrect assumptions about her.

The presenter was targeted by trolls after posting a ‘Spend A Morning With Me’ video.

The 33-year-old shared her morning routine at Pickle Cottage, where she gave followers an insight into how she starts her day with exercise at the crack of dawn before her little ones wake up.

“I’ll be honest I don’t know why I made this  I really like watching other people’s. Just to be clear I don’t do this every morning, each day is different tbh. I certainly don’t run this far every day,” she honestly confessed in the caption.

One user, however, was quick to comment: “I’m presuming you’re going to do a keep fit video. I thought you keep it real?” to which Stacey, as well as her fans, clapped back at the presumptuous comment.

“You presume wrong Linda. I just want to be strong. I deserve that!” the BBC Sort Your Life Out star replied.

The mum-of-five showed herself running on a treadmill and laying on her fitness mat with her dogs before showering and starting her day by getting breakfast ready for her little pickles.

Stacey fans rushed to the ITV I’m A Celeb alum’s defense after the troll’s comment.

“Can’t she work out and do something for herself without you jumping to conclusions,” one remarked.

“Everyone over here thinking ‘Linda is sounding very Karen right now’,” another jumped in.

“Sorry what’s the problem if she does do an exercise video? I’m confused,” one user questioned.

Fair play! If it results in a fitness DVD, we won’t be mad. The more Stacey, the better!