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16th Dec 2022

“People just slated me”: Liam Reardon on those cheating rumours

Sarah McKenna Barry

“You don’t even know me like, you don’t even know. I haven’t cheated.”

Love Island star Liam Reardon has spoken about how rumours that he cheated on Millie Court when they were together impacted his wellbeing.

Liam and Millie were crowned Love Island champions last year, and they stayed together for a year, before announcing their break up earlier this summer.

Both Liam and Millie have shut down rumours that the former cheated on the latter, but now Liam has spoken about the impact of the speculation.

Dropping by Fubar Radio, he told Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng that he was “slated’ by the rumours after their breakup.

“When we were together we just had each other, we were protected together,” he said. “We’d get the odd person chatting rubbish.”

However, after they broke up, the negative comments intensified.

“I think naturally the man usually gets the bad side of things,” Liam said.

“We broke up amicably, we remain friends but then people made rumours up of me ‘cheating’ and at some festival and as soon as people think that they think ‘ah, a leopard never changes its spots’ because I did something in Casa Amor in Love Island.

“People just slated me, thousands of comments just saying ‘he’s a scumbag, he’s this, he’s that, she was too good for him anyway.’

“You don’t even know me like, you don’t even know. I haven’t cheated. You’re just reading something you saw online and people are just quick to judge straight away.”

This isn’t the first time Liam has spoken about the impact those rumours have had on him.

A few months ago, in a Instagram Q&A, Liam said that he was having a “difficult” time.

He said: “Break-ups can be very hard and being in the public eye just makes it that extra bit more difficult to deal with, especially when you have rumours etc. coming out and people judging your character off something which isn’t true.”

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