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16th Oct 2023

Like Father, Like Son: Drake’s son has released his first song

Jody Coffey

Drake’s son, Adonis, has just dropped his first single ‘My Man Freestyle’.

It seems the six-year-old is keen to follow in his father’s footsteps as he raps in his debut song, and is credited as a writer with producer, Lil Esso.

Drake announced the music drop last night (October 15th) just days after Adonis’ sixth birthday (October 11th).

“Happy birthday my son…MY MAN FREESTYLE OUT NOW,” Drake wrote on Instagram and shared a clip of the track and the music video.

“Don’t talk to my man like that/ I like it when you like it/ My, my, my, my man/ My, my, my, my man,” Adonis begins with a chorus.

The music video for the PG rap track depicts Adonis preparing for game day with his team and schoolmates, and even references his music star dad.

“I was waiting for this moment to arrive/ I was driving in the car and I smash my car/ I was playing in on my iPad and I broke my iPad/ I’m going to my house, seeing my dad/ I am saying hi to my dad and I have to go change/ I’m playing basketball.”

Adonis can be seen in his basketball jersey on the court giving a pep talk to the other kids, before Drake makes an appearance toward the end of the music video.

This, however, isn’t the first time Drake’s son has made a dent in the industry as he featured in his father’s 8AM in Charlotte music video, which saw the pair discussing the six-year-old’s artwork.

The visual for the For All the Dogs track was released in early October, following the confirmation that Adonis’ line-drawing of a red-eyed dog would be the album cover.

Can’t lie, ‘My Man Freestyle’ is a bop.