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24th Oct 2023

Louise Cooney shares the contents of her hospital bag ahead of the birth of her first child

Jody Coffey

Louise Cooney

Many expectant parents will find Louise Cooney’s list super helpful

Louise Cooney has shared the contents of her hospital bag ahead of the birth of her first child.

The Open Book podcast host recently shared that she is nine months pregnant with her baby, whom she is due to welcome with her long-time love, Mark Sweeney, in the coming weeks.

Now on the final countdown, Louise has begun preparations for the hospital, which is a compilation of must-have items recommended to her by her followers and friends.

“I’m far from an expert in this department and it’s my first baby so it’s all a learning curve, but I did get advice for the hospital/ labour bag from lots of you and my own friends who’ve gone through it,” the Limerick native wrote.

“This is my version… a compilation of probably 10 different lists. I’ll list out what I’ve packed, god knows there are things I’ve forgotten (snacks being one) and there are definitely things in here I won’t use, but hey it helps me feel prepared!”

In Louise’s labour bag, she has packed her baby’s first outfits, which consist of two different-sized vests, two different-sized nappies, a sleepsuit, a hat, mittens, socks, and a little card to write their details.

For herself, the influencer included clothing such as a loose black nightie for labour, underwear, maternity pads, socks, a nightie for after labour, a light robe, and slippers.

Other items for her labour bag included a portable fan, a comb “to help with contractions in labour”, and a disposable camera.

The mum-to-be also shared what she has packed inside her hospital bag, as well as her baby’s.

Her newborn’s bag includes nappies in a few different sizes, five to six baby grows, muslin cloths, and wipes.

Inside Louise’s hospital bag, the mum-to-be has packed a range of underwear to suit her postpartum needs, including disposable underwear, dark underwear, spare nighties and pyjamas, nursing bras, and socks.

For her toiletries, the social media personality, who is prepared for all her hospital needs, has purchased and included a range of hygiene products such as wipes, lip balm, tissues, moisturiser, dry shampoo, deodorant, a facemask, shampoo, and conditioner.

Looking forward to aftercare and breastfeeding, Louise has also put together a bag to help her on her first steps into motherhood.

This bag includes a bottle of Expert Midwife Spritz For Bits, a Peri Bottle, Multi-Mam Compresses, breast pads, nipple balm and shields, and an eye mask.

Other recommendations on Louise’s list are a daily log to record feeds, nappies, and sleep, a charging cable with a long lead (so clever), a cellular blanket, hand sanitiser, flip-flops, a dark towel, and a portable night light.

Her self-care items are a going-home outfit, a little bag of make-up, and a hairbrush.

She also adds thank-you cards to the list, which is a wholesome addition and a reminder to thank healthcare staff for the incredible work they do for new parents and their babies.

Lastly, Louise plans to bring a spare bag of anything that won’t fit and some clothes for going home to leave in the car, where her partner can grab them if needed.

“I hope this helps, and doesn’t overwhelm you if you haven’t a thing packed yet (because that definitely happened to me over the last few weeks/ months),” the fashion influencer reassures.

“A few of my pals had no or “unfinished” hospital bags and still managed. I think at 39 weeks having this packed does put my mind at ease a little, but really, we would manage no matter what way it happened.. As everyone keeps telling me, newborn babies need very little and we can always pick things up/ order as we need them.”

We are sending Louise and her growing family happiness and health.