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06th Feb 2024

Louise Cooney opens up about dealing with mum-shaming trolls

Anna Martin

louise cooney

Louise Cooney has always been open about motherhood

From the highs and the lows, she doesn’t like to steer away from the reality, often sharing her experience with her followers.

Yet despite helping other mums to not feel so alone, some people online do send hate to the 31-year-old.

Speaking on Niamh Cullen’s podcast, Unveiled, Louise spoke about one particular incident that had an impact on her.

“For the most part I’d say literally like 99 per cent of people have been so nice,” she began.

“When I thought about it before, I thought I would get a lot of unsolicited advice and you know stuff like that, and I really hadn’t and in saying that, and I said this earlier, I put up Q&A box and I got a message saying ‘Stop sharing your baby not everyone has it so perfect.'”

When Niamh heard this she audibly gasped as we’re sure a lot of you just did.

Louise continued: “I was like, of course, there’s a million other questions but that one upset me and I feel like even by talking about it you’re drawing more of that on you but I know how it feels.

“Like if you’ve had a really bad night’s sleep, if someone comes on and says ‘Oh everything’s great and we’re sleeping through the night,’ like I’ve met friends who will tell me that in person and I’m like ‘Oh my God, what am I doing wrong?’

louise cooney
Credit: Getty

“I never want that to be what someone gets from me, I’m very conscious not to do that.”

Yet, despite the trolling Louise was able to joke about the situation adding, “And also he’s not sleeping through the night.”