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02nd Nov 2023

Mum-to-be Louise Cooney shares pregnancy update as she reaches her due date

Jody Coffey

Louise Cooney

Mum-to-be, Louise Cooney, has shared that she has officially reached her due date.

The Open Book podcast host is expecting her first child with her partner, Mark Sweeney, and has now entered week 40 of the pregnancy.

Taking to Instagram, Louise says she is ‘ready’ to meet her baby whose gender she and her boyfriend have waited to find out.

The couple began dating back in 2020 and revealed they were expecting earlier this year in May.


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After sharing their happy news, the Limerick native said her baby’s due date was expected be November 7th, the same day as Mark’s birthday.

However, after another scan, the fashion influencer says their baby’s actual due date would be around November 2nd.

Sharing a snap of a series of photos in chronological order throughout the pregnancy to document her bump’s growth, she wrote: “We made it to due date. Ready when you are baby #fullycooked #40weeks #duedate”

Louise Cooney

Taking to her stories, Louise gave an update to her 232,000 followers about how ready she is for her baby’s arrival, as well as detailing how she is spending the remainder of her pregnancy.

“It’s a waiting game now. I’m sore, tired & uncomfortable but soooo ready & excited to meet our little one whenever they decide to make their entrance.

“I’m not doing a whole pile, mainly just resting, waiting, bouncing on my ball (and exhausted doing those things) so excuse the quietness on here… it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve given birth (although I hope it does soon hahaha).”


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A post shared by Louise Cooney (@louisecooney_)

Last week, Louise expressed her excitement about meeting her firstborn, saying ‘there are very few things in life like it’.

“Just over a week until our due date. We can’t wait to meet this little cutie.”

“Isn’t it so exciting that you just don’t know when they’re gonna make their entrance. There are very few things in life like it.”

We are sending Louise and her growing family happiness and health as they enter this exciting new chapter.