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03rd Apr 2023

Love Island’s Jess Hayes shares she has suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Content warning: This story contains references to miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

“I debated posting it feels really strange to open up and feel vulnerable.”

Love Island star Jess Hayes has opened up after she shared the sad news that she has suffered a miscarriage.

Taking to Instagram to share her heartbreak, the 29 year old posted a series of photos from her pregnancy.

The news comes only two years after she suffered a separate pregnancy loss.

The TV star wrote: “Not a pregnancy announcement- TW – miscarriage.

“I debated posting it feels really strange to open up and feel vulnerable but you know I’m always open and honest with you all and it’s hard to pretend I’m ok as it’s been a rough week.

“But I hope that someone going through the same this might help. I was pregnant and now I’m not. I spoke about my 1st loss and tbh I didn’t know I would be here again earlier this time but it still feels complete sh*t.

“It’s not really just losing a pregnancy it’s the plans you make, your vision of what that baby or child might of been like, what your family will look like and it gets taken away in a second.”

Jess made her name after appearing in the 2015 series of the ITV dating show and welcomed her son Presley in 2019.


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She continued: “When your experiencing loss you have to pretend you are ok, wipe your tears and carry on because you have a little one, you cook dinner, you read the stories. You do the school run. Nothing stops.

“It was a traumatic day when it happened which I wasn’t really expecting at all i tried to keep busy and go about my day went out which was a big mistake ..rushed home panicked after last time (previous haemorrhage) convinced myself it might be happening again, so I was just happy to get out the other side.

“I saw a heartbeat at the scan we had the next one this week, I planned to tell my family and friends and the children on Easter this weekend in a special way but I started having symptoms and the scan confirmed the baby had no heartbeat anymore.

“You see all these things you plan and get excited about are taken away then you need to workout what this next part of your life looks like after. I guess it’s all you have really thought about and planned for the past months. Of course life goes on but you never really forget. How can you?

“Who knows what the future brings.. Although I’m pretty scared and not sure I want to endure going through loss again. It sucks to say the least. But I’m hopeful, I have to be.

“I know I dream of more children one day I love being a mother so much and I hope I’m lucky and blessed enough to be telling a different story next time. I feel extremely lucky to have my beautiful son by my side who seems even more of a blessing each day.”

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