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27th Sep 2021

Molly Mae on removing a lump from her breast: “Check your bodies people!”

Katy Brennan

The former Love Island star encouraged fans to check their bodies.

Molly Mae Hague has revealed that she had surgery to remove a lump from her breast and her finger.

The 22-year-old updated fans through Instagram stories over the weekend, sharing a photo of herself following her procedure. The star looked relieved as she posed from her hospital bed, cuddling her beloved toy elephant Ellie Belly.

“I spoke about a lump I found in my boob on a recent vlog of mine. Well, I had it removed today,” she wrote.

She went on to encourage her 6.1 million followers to look after themselves by writing: “Check your bodies people!”

In a second post, the influencer shared a photo of her bandaged hand, revealing she also had a lump removed from her finger.

“Also had a lump removed from my finger that I’ve spoken about a few times too,” she wrote.

She commended herself for overcoming one of her biggest fears: “Having a cannula put in my hand has always been without a doubt my biggest fear… So that in itself a is a HUGE achievement for me.”

Molly Mae spoke openly about how she was sent for a biopsy after finding a benign lump on her breast back in August.

“I basically noticed a little lump in my boob, went to get it checked and it was completely fine, completely benign,” she said in a Youtube vlog.

“It’s a little thing called a fibroadenoma and it’s a normal thing to get at this age, small lumps can happen all the time it doesn’t mean they’re sinister.”

“I went back today to get it checked and it had grown a little bit, again, it doesn’t mean it’s sinister, it doesn’t mean it’s dramatic, so the doctor recommended that we did a biopsy.”