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07th Oct 2022

Mrs Brown’s Boys’ creator Brendan O’Carroll doesn’t care about ‘woke’ critics

Charlie Herbert

He says he doesn’t think about his “woke critics”.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys creator Brendan O’Carroll has hit back at so-called ‘woke’ critics of the show, saying that he doesn’t even “think about them.”

O’Carroll created the BBC sitcom and plays the titular Mrs. Brown in the show. Since it first aired in 2011, the show has become one of the most divisive comedies of recent years, building up a loyal fan base along with an equally passionate group of people who can’t stand it.

The last full series of Mrs. Brown’s Boys aired in 2013 but since then it has returned for a number of festive specials.

However, in recent years these have performed worse than ever with audience ratings. The festive specials have been continuously panned by critics.

And in February, O’Carroll caused controversy when he was accused of making a “racist” joke during an appearance on The One Show.

He prompted a backlash after a comment about a fellow guest’s “colour.”

Meanwhile, several have been calling for Mrs. Brown’s Boys to be cancelled because it is transphobic.

Despite this, both O’Carroll and the BBC have committed to the show running until at least 2026.

And he says the ‘woke’ critics don’t hold him back.

“I don’t think about them, I write the show I write,” O’Carroll shared.

“I don’t ever think of myself as being a man playing a woman, when Mrs. Brown goes out on that stage she is a woman.”

Speaking about accusations of cultural appropriation, he added to the Sun: “Where do you draw the line? Is it okay for Leonardo DiCaprio to play a carpenter or do we get a carpenter?

“Shouldn’t we get the best person for the job?”

Mrs. Brown’s Boys first aired in 2011 and is set to return to our screens next year for a mini-series as part of belated 10th-anniversary celebrations.

Brendan’s daughter Fiona O’Carroll, who plays Maria Brown, revealed: “In October we’ll be filming Mrs. Brown: two Christmas specials and the first of a mini-series of four episodes, the other three early next year.’

“We’ve the live show in November at the SSE Arena in Belfast and 3Arena in Dublin. And we’re planning more theatre dates for next year.”