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17th Jul 2021

Olly Murs claps back at trolls who say girlfriend Amelia Tank is “too manly”

Jade Hayden

“What are they even ­seeing?”

Olly Murs has clapped back at people who comment on photos of himself and girlfriend Amelia Tank, calling her “too manly.”

Amelia, a professional bodybuilder, has been subjected to some trolling and online criticism due to her chiselled abs and incredible workout ethic – because of course she has. God forbid a woman would be able to do anything. 

Olly has since addressed the comments, stating that he doesn’t know what these people are saying, and that he’s pretty much obsessed with how his girlfriend looks – in and out of competitions.

“Unfortunately, the world we live in means people have a platform to say nasty things,” he told The Sun. “There must be an insecurity in them — they decide to be nasty because they know that they can never get a body like that.

“But anyone looking at her photos and saying she looks too manly, I mean, what are they even ­seeing? For me, Amelia looks incredible and what I see when she walks into the gym is loads of admiration and people coming up to her giving her compliments.

“I get so many people saying, ‘Oh my God, your girlfriend looks amazing.’ ”

Olly, best known for his tracks Heart Skips a Beat and Troublemaker (and placing his penis in a Pringles can for the sake of content), said that when he saw Amelia take part in a recent competition, “I couldn’t take my eyes off her — she was the hottest girl there.

“I love the way Amelia is naturally without make-up, extensions and heels but I also loved seeing her like that. It was just like, ‘Wow, that’s actually my girlfriend.’”

Amelia added that she dedicated six months of her life to ensure she was in peak physical condition for her competition, and that irrespective of what anybody says, she doesn’t look that way all the time.

“How I look on stage is very ­different to the rest of the year anyway, that’s the result of a lot of hard work over a certain time,” she said.

“It’s not sustainable — I’m not going to be walking around looking that lean all year round.”


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