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08th Sep 2023

Paris Fury reveals why she has taken her children out of school

Jody Coffey

The couple share six children: Venezuela, 13, Prince John James, 10, Prince Tyson Fury II, six, Valencia Amber, five, Prince Adonis Amaziah, four and Athena, two.

Paris Fury, 33, has opened up about taking her two eldest children, Venezuela and Prince John James, out of school and how she intends for them to be homeschooled.

She and Tyson Fury share six children together, with their seventh on the way.

Paris shared a family update with her 1.5 million followers that their four younger children are preparing to go back to school, while Venezuela, 13, and Prince John, 11, would be leaving school after finishing primary school, in line with Traveller tradition.

“Tomorrow will be the first day all four little ones are in school/nursery and the big two with a tutor for homeschool. Roll on Friday,” she wrote.

This comes after At Home With The Fury’s star explained that the reasons included were that these were her eldest daughter’s wishes, as well as honouring and keeping the tradition alive.


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“We finish school at primary age, which is the traditional Traveller way. We’ve just brought the tradition into the 21st century. Venezuela wanted to leave school, and all her [Traveller] friends were leaving”, The Mirror reported.

The mum-of-six was praised for patience and kindness as a person, mother, and wife throughout the At Home With The Fury series on Netflix, the popular show that gave viewers a deeper look at the life of world boxing champion Tyson and his family.

Following its success, a second season of the show has been confirmed, and it is speculated that it could drop as early as the beginning of 2024.

In the meantime, Paris’ new book, How Does She Do It? The Kids, Tyson & Me, will hit shelves on September 28th and will delve into the 33-year-old’s skills learned in her childhood in the Gypsy community, how she runs her household with Tyson and their six children, and how she finds time for herself.