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27th Feb 2023

Paul Mescal has awkward encounter with Zendaya at the SAG Awards

Oh the cringe…

Fans are not coping well following a very awkward moment between Paul Mescal and Zendaya at last night’s SAG Awards.

As the two approached the stage to present an award together, Paul took it upon himself to reach out his hand to help escort Zendaya up the steps to the stage.

But it became the cringiest moment of the award show after Zendaya quickly swerved his offer and walked to the stage without any help.

Anyone watching the show couldn’t cope with what they had just witnessed, with many taking to Twitter to share their reaction to the awkward moment.

@gigglygaggly hahahahahaahah #zendaya #paulmescal #sagawards ♬ original sound – meep

One person said: “i relate to paul mescal cause i too would be nervous to be next to zendaya.”

Another said: “Paul Mescal tried to escort Zendaya and she wasn’t into it.”

A third wrote: “paul mescal trying to help zendaya up the stairs and she said nah.”

A fourth added: “Not Zendaya swerving Paul Mescal‘s hand.”

Another fan penned: “LOL not paul mescal going to grab zendaya’s adm then backing away.”

While another added: “Not Zendaya totally not letting Paul Mescal touch her when walking up on stage at the SAG Awards lololol.”