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04th Jul 2022

“I was absolutely sobbing”: Paula MacSweeney shocked after horrible experience in IKEA

Irish radio DJ Paula MacSweeney has called out staff at Dublin’s Ikea store after they failed to help her during a recent visit.

She explained to her followers that her recent visit was so unpleasant that it reduced her to tears.

Paula, who is pregnant, explained that she was struggling to put stuff into her trolley. The DJ said the staff just stood there, watching her struggle, and some even laughed at the mum.

She was shopping for a new nursery for her baby when the incident happened.

“A horrible experience! Multiple members of staff watched me struggle to get very heavy boxes onto my trolley in the warehouse. Groups of them laughing, many of them on their phones.”

She also said the staff on the information desk were extremely unhelpful too.

“They seemed pretty annoyed when I interrupted the group chat to ask where an item was (it’s been moved, it’s on another aisle). Okay. Made my way to where what I wanted was and there were 3 staff members having the craic in that aisle, and not one offered to help.”

Paula explained that she had a “breakdown” in the store.

She asked a member of staff to help her, especially because she is 7 months pregnant, but one of them replied and said “no, it’s self-serve only, get it yourself.”

Paula said the store was full of staff, but nobody bothered to help her.

The visit left her feeling pretty upset.

At one stage, the mum said she was struggling to move a box across the warehouse.

“I’m heavily pregnant and by this time I was absolutely sobbing.

“I’m still so upset today at how lazy and rude the staff are.”

Ikea has since issued an apology to Paula for the staff’s behaviour, but her followers said she never should have been treated so poorly in the first place.