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10th Nov 2021

Reese Witherspoon corrects Diane Keaton for Instagram blunder of her son

Laura Grainger

To be fair, the fact that she even has an Instagram is a bit legendary.

Diane Keaton dedicated a recent social media post to the wonders of “male beauty” – but mistook a photo of her pal Reese Witherspoon’s son for Leonardo DiCaprio.

The 75-year-old actor posted a slideshow video of (mostly famous) men to her Instagram account with the caption “MALE BEAUTY!!!”

She provided commentary for each image, starting the bunch with a black-and-white photo of who she believed to be a young Leonardo, now 46.

“Talk about beauty, Leonardo DiCaprio,” she mused. “Give me a break. I knew him when he was a kid.”

Knowing him as a kid apparently didn’t do her any favours in recognising him though, as it wasn’t actually him.

Really pictured in the photo was Reese’s son Deacon, who she shares with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe.

“Diane, the first one is my son!” Reese, 45, informed her in the comments, before Diane replied with some wide-eyed emojis.

The Morning Show star didn’t seem too bothered by the flattering mix-up though, as she commented a laughing emoji back.

Deacon turned 18 just last month, celebrating with both his famous parents.

“One day he was trading Pokémon cards, singing Bruno Mars songs, and playing American Ninja Warrior in the backyard. The next day, he is taller than me, cooking the family steaks on the grill and making his own music with his best friends,” Reese wrote in an Instagram post at the time.

“My heart is bursting with pride about the young man he is becoming. Happy 18th Birthday Deacon! I love you to the moon around the sun and all the stars.”