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18th Mar 2022

Seen Tyler Henry’s Life After Death yet? It’s getting a mixed reaction

Sarah McKenna Barry

It’s been gaining some serious traction online.

Tyler Henry’s Netflix series Life After Death has proved to be a hit with fans ever since it landed on the streaming platform last week.

The series follows Tyler, who claims to be a medium, as he conducts spiritual readings with various people across the US. Among his clients are celebrities, including Marie Kondo, but he also attempts to delve into his own past by trying to figure out what happened to his mother, who had been taken as a baby.

Over on Twitter, many fans have been sharing how the show resonated with them.

One wrote: “Ok, I am obsessed with @tyhenrymedium. I loved watching him on E! and absolutely LOVED his new Netflix series, Life After Death. His mom is literally an angel and should be protected at all costs.”

Another tweeted: “I just finished watching Life After Death, wow it is such a good and emotional series I hope Netflix asks Tyler Henry to do a second season.”

A third fan wrote: “I started watching Life After Death with Tyler Henry on Netflix & every reading he’s done I’ve been in tears.”

Someone else shared: “I just binged Life After Death @netflix so glad to see @TylerHenryMedium on TV again. He brings me so much peace! If you have lost someone special give his shows a watch.”

However, not everyone loved the show, and many have questioned Tyler’s intentions.

On Reddit, many took to a thread to call Tyler and his ilk con artists.

One user asked: “Why does Netflix give con artists a platform?”

On the forum, many users pointed out how there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support any medium’s claim. They also acknowledged how Tyler offers comforting generalisations rather than specific details, which often prompts his clients to volunteer more information.