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08th Oct 2023

Stacey Dooley targeted by mum-shamers after posting video of daughter Minnie

Kat O'Connor

Stacey Dooley has been targeted by trolls again.

Journalist Stacey Dooley has shut down mum-shamers after she posted a sweet video of her daughter Minnie. The infant was sitting in front of the television in the cute clip, glued to Strictly Come Dancing.

However, Stacey’s followers slated the mum because her daughter was so close to the TV.

Stacey, who won Strictly Come Dancing with her partner Kevin Clifton, said it was so emotional seeing her little girl watch the show. Stacey said she was “not okay” seeing her little one glued to the show.

“First time I’ve been home for Strictly and legit Minnie loves it. I feel so emosh,” the mum said.

“Her little face watching her Daddy’s show,” she wrote.

“For every parent that messaged us when we did the show…. NOW I GET IT, it’s a different show through your baby’s eyes.”

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As adorable as the video is, trolls were quick to comment on how close her daughter was to the TV.

One said, “Not sure I would be okay with such a young baby sitting so close to the TV it isn’t good for her eyes & could be dangerous.”

Stacey replied, “Also. Don’t at me.  She crawled over that close (tele on the floor cos we’ve just moved)

“She won’t be there for long before you tell me she shouldn’t be that close etc.”

Stacey’s followers were also quick to shut down the rude remarks, with the journalist deleting a group of them.