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16th Dec 2021

Tristan Thompson admits to sexual relationship with woman who claims he fathered her child

Laura Grainger

He claims to have hooked up with the personal trainer on his birthday in March.

Tristan Thompson has admitted to having a months-long “sporadic” sexual relationship with the woman who is claiming he fathered her child while he was still in a relationship with Khloe Kardashian.

Maralee Nichols is suing him for child support and pregnancy-related fees after she said they conceived a child together back in April of this year.

The NBA star has previously disputed the paternity of Nichols’ child, who was born on December 1.

Court document filed earlier this month and published by the Daily Mail show Thompson admitting to meeting the personal trainer late last year at someone’s home.

He said he “was very cautious” at the time and “did not foresee” that the pair “could have any type of relationship.”

He denied having sex with Nichols at that particular time and claimed that the “only” possible date of conception was his birthday on March 13 of this year, when he was publicly dating Kardashian.

On the day, Kardashian posted a birthday tribute to her then-boyfriend, with whom she shares three-year-old daughter True. “The ones that are meant to be are the ones who go through everything that is designed to tear them apart and they came out even stronger than they were before,” she wrote in a social media post.

The pair, who have been in an on-off relationship for years amid cheating allegations, most recently split in June.

In the court document, Thompson repeatedly stated that his relationship with Nichols was “based on sex only.”

“We did not have a serious ongoing relationship. We saw each other sporadically between December 2020 and March 13, 2021,” the document reads.

“[Nichols] told me that she had been involved with other athletes and understood the limitations of our relationship; to wit, that we might see each other on a sporadic basis for consensual sex only.”

The 30-year-old said they hadn’t been on “any dates in the traditional sense at any time”, apart from hotel hook-ups.

“There were no dining at restaurants, going to movies, traveling or any other indicia of a normalised relationship,” the document continues.

“There was only Snapchats of ‘where’ and ‘what time’ we would hook up and what hotels would be used.”

Thompson said different Snapchat messages between him and Nichols that were made public via other court documents filed by her were fabricated. He also claimed the pair only communicated via Snapchat and never “exchange[d] text messages.”

One of the alleged messages Nichols listed in her filings said Thompson would soon be retiring from the NBA and would thereby be unable to pay ample support. Another allegedly suggested the pregnancy should be terminated.

Meanwhile, Kardashian is reportedly “moving on” and focusing on co-parenting True.

“Tristan and Khloe have been broken up for a while, and things are okay between them,” a source told People.

Thompson also has a four-year-old son, Prince, from a previous relationship.