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13th Apr 2019

Everyone absolutely loved Una Healy on The Late Late Show last night

Olivia Hayes

She blew everyone away.

Una Healy appeared on The Late Late Show last night and was met with a lot of support from her fans.

As well as singing her new single, Strangers, Una also spoke about her split from Ben Foden.

“I’m not here to dish the dirt and to say anything about our ex Ben, but the song is clearly about him and the fact he’s like a stranger now.

“It’s been hard, very hard,” she told Ryan.

“It all ended last July, and it’s just kind of rebuilding my life with my beautiful children.”


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Una went on to say that it all came to a head when the family were going to move to New York as Ben secured a place on a rugby team there.

She admitted that she didn’t like the idea of moving her whole life to NYC and went over there to “assess the battleground.”

“It wasn’t until I came back that I realised what was going on behind my back,” Una admitted.

“I’m in a much better place now than I have in a long time. It was going to come to end at some point anyway.

“But it’s going to speed up the process when you find out someone has been with someone else behind your back.”

Between opening up about her break up and singing Strangers, everyone had a lot of praise for Una.

Onwards and upwards!