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27th Feb 2018

Gap praised for featuring a breastfeeding mum in their latest campaign

“Thank you for this.”

Gap customers and Instagram users have been praising the company after they shared a photo series from their latest campaign.

The retailer announce the Love by GapBody collection – designed to provide the ultimate levels of comfort – in the United States last week.

Following the announcement, the company shared one of the photos from the campaign on its Instagram page – where it’s gotten an overwhelmingly positive response.

The post has two pictures: one of which shows the mum cradling her toddler to her chest as he looks at the camera; the second shows her breastfeeding her little boy.

The photos have gotten more than 36,000 likes, with a number of the comments praising the brand for normalising breastfeeding.

One person wrote:

“YES GAP!!!! Thank you thank you #normalizebreastfeeding#toddlerbreastfeeding

Another added:

“So precious. Thanks for sharing this intimate moment—you can see how safe and loved this little guy feels with his mama!”

Someone else said:

“thank you!!! Thank you so much for seeing the beauty in this moment and helping us normalize providing this nutrition and comfort to our children!”

A different person commented:

“This is precious and beautiful. Thank you to you, @gap and to mama and baby, for sharing this special relationship.”