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21st Sep 2022

Hospital fees for children have officially been scrapped

Kat O'Connor

This legislation will ease financial burden.

Hospital inpatient fees for children under the age of 16 have officially been abolished.

Minister Stephen Donnelly has abolished the €80 hospital fee in children’s hospitals.

Donnelly believes scrapping the €80 inpatient fees will help families during the cost of living crisis.

Earlier this year, the Minister for Health said the proposal was another step towards universal healthcare in Ireland.

He stated: “This legislation will ease the financial burden of parents/guardians when bringing their child to the hospital for in-patient care.”

The Minister for Health also believes it will ensure that cost “is not a significant consideration” when children need in-hospital treatment.

“This is another important step towards affordability.”

“It will make our public hospitals free for children when they access treatment as a public patient.

A source close to Donnelly told the Irish Mirror that parents could now save hundreds of euros.

The Government is also planning on scrapping GP charges for children aged between 6 and 7.

The changes could come into effect this year.

Parents and guardians will still have to pay for A&E visits.

Before the legislation was introduced, parents paid €80 per night for public in-patient care in children’s hospitals.

There was an €800 limit if a patient has been in hospital for 10 nights within a year.

Medical cardholders and other certain specific classes of persons were exempt.

Donnelly stressed that no parent should have to stress out about money when their child is sick in the hospital.