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21st Sep 2018

It’s time to nominate YOUR favourite people for these super awards now

Anna Daly

Brought to you by Boots Maternity and Infant Awards.

Know anyone who deserves a good old pat on the back?

Well, it’s time to give it to them and possibly more because the Boots Maternity and Infant Awards are happening very soon and they’re looking for nominations for all the lovely awards that they’re giving out.

The 2018 product finalists have already been decided but now it’s time to choose the people who have stood out to you and to others over the year and give them the recognition they deserve.

Whether it’s someone who has gone above and beyond in every possible way to help those around them, or a mum or dad who has had to make big sacrifices, or a doctor who takes those extra steps for their patients, everyone is eligible for a nomination.

And this isn’t just for the adults. Do you know the best brother or sister in the world? Nominate them for the Super Sibling Award.

Is your pharmacist always there to give you advice and a helping hand? Pharmacists do so much more than just hand people their prescriptions. They are healthcare professionals who are there interacting with people every day, offering professional advice and care to their customers.

Pharmacists are often taken for granted and if you know a pharmacist who goes above and beyond for their patients, whether it’s medical-related or simply taking the time to have a chat with their customers, let them know they are appreciated by nominating them for Pharmacist of the Year.

There are loads of awards up for grabs like the Miracle Baby Award, the Child Hero Award, and the Grandparent of the Year Award, so get nominating.

Nominations are completely free and anyone can do it so pop over to the Boots Maternity and Infant Awards website and make your entry. You have until 28 September to get your nominations in so get going!

Show the people you admire that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Brought to you by Boots Maternity and Infant Awards. The Awards will take place on October 12th.