Jamie Bulger's family horrified by new film created by Irish director 3 years ago

Jamie Bulger's family horrified by new film created by Irish director

Jamie Bulger's family are extremely upset by new film Detainment.

The film, which looks like it could receive an Oscar, focuses in on the abduction and murder of toddler Jamie Bulger in 1993.

Bulger's family have voiced concerns about the film and feel that it tries to make excuses for his killers.

Jamie's father has spoken out and said that he is 'horrified' by the film and feels like it sympathises with the two boys responsible for his son's death.

The little boy, who was only a couple of weeks away from his third birthday, was kidnapped by two ten-year-old boys, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, while he was shopping with his mother.

The brutal nature of the toddler's torture and murder by two children shocked the world and still does almost 26 years on.


Irish film director, Vincent Lambe, took to social media to explain all the decisions he made in creating the film and how he never meant to hurt the Bulger family.

Lambe starts by saying;

"The James Bulger case affected me in the same way it has affected millions of others and it breaks my heart to think of what the Bulger family has gone through. Detainment, the short film I directed is based on interview transcripts and records and it is entirely factual with no embellishments whatsoever. It was never intended to bring any further anguish to the family of James Bulger, but rather to examine why children commit serious crimes."

He went on to say that in hindsight he wishes that he had contacted the family before filming began. Jamie's dad Ralph told The Mirror he and Jamie's mother were very hurt when they were not informed prior to it's making.

Jamie's killers were both released from prison when they were 18, with Venables returning to prison on separate charges.